Saturday, January 15, 2005


Yesterday, 2/63(the unit my husband is in) had their first casualty. His name was Pfc. Gunnar Becker, and he was 19 years old. It is said to be friendly fire, which stings. I don't really know what to say; the reality of death hits closer to home every time. I tried finding information on him, but couldn't. It's tragic that my boys are six weeks away from coming home, and something like this happens. My heart goes out to his family, even though I know that isn't much consolation. Here's to Private First Class Gunnar Becker.


Anonymous said...

My son is 2/2 3BCT out of Vilseck. Coming home in Feb. I read of Becker's death on the defense web site. His death is tragic and my families thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Words can not express the sympathy we feel for all the military families who experience a loss. But by the grace of God there go I. We all identify with the potential feelings and emotions of a loss.

Anonymous said...

death is something families are never ready for my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this young soldier as a soldier we put our lives on the line everyday even when we are not at war as soon as we get the call we are subject to dying if not physically then emotionallyto the family of this young soldier your son died in a country where he was making sure that the people of his generation have the same freedoms we all have i respect this young man choice to step forward and join the military most people just stand by and watch others take the stand well he stood tall and he stood proud once again i am deeply sorry for your loss billy ray aka mac

Sarah said...

The story I heard leaned more towards "accident" than "friendly fire", which is still sad but better than what I originally thought. But then again, I've heard lots of conflicting stories.

debey said...

i am gunnar's mom...his death was truely a damned accident...

Erin said...

Dear Mrs. Becker,

There is so much I want to say to you, but fear that I will say the wrong thing. I am sensitive to the fact that people like myself, who have never lost a loved one, say things to people such as yourself that just end up sounding selfish and fake.

So I would like to speak from my heart in hopes that I will not upset you any further than the events you have already bravely survived.

Thank you for raising your son in the manner that he would feel compelled to serve his country. I grieved him when he died, and I grieve him now.

Also, I know his death was deemed an accident, but I believe that people should be judged by the way they live and not by the way they die. Your son was brave, and in my mind, a hero. It is people like your son who have actually spurred me to be a better person. Your son's life was an inspiration to me.

I hope that with time, healing begins in your heart. I don't even have a child, so I don't know how it must feel to lose part of yourself in that way.

If you are interested in speaking with me (I desperately want to speak with you), please email me at

Very Sincerely,

Erin McGuire