Monday, September 22, 2008

Down at the River

Scout's wish was to go camping while he was home, so we went to the North Llano river near Junction. It was fun to see him and Tucker doing boy things together.

Swimming in the river:

Drinking beer:

And feeding the fish (Scout calls it "fishing"):

More Pictures

Tucker loves to eat. And make a mess doing so.

"Hey, bitches! Does this plate look full to you?":

Papacito's and black refried beans - Tucker's favorite (thanks, Dad):

Pralines 'n Cream ice cream - another new favorite (thanks, Scout):

Scout and Tucker

It feels like Scout just got here - it's amazing how two weeks can go by so quickly.

Him and Tucker have been like peas and carrots. I was a little nervous that Tucker would be a mama's boy with a strange man in the house, but it's been quite the opposite. Tucker will now turn his head when I try to kiss him while Daddy is holding him. He doesn't want me to hold him if there's a choice between Scout and me. And his first word came two days after Scout got here: Dada. I guess we have a daddy's boy on our hands? That's perfectly fine with me.

At the airport:

Hanging out by the pool:

Driving Daddy's truck:

Daddy + remnants of ice cream melting down one's face = the perfect day: