Friday, June 17, 2005


I love Ebay. In the last two weeks, I've won five items or so. One of the items was a 1984 Mark McGwire Rookie card (for my husband, of course). Another is a book about sex written in 1913 (I have this thing with old school sex theory). But most recently I got my vintage apron patterns in the mail! Squeal!!!

The patterns are complete and perfect. They smell good...It sounds weird, but they smell old (and I love that smell). I can't wait to actually use them.

I have three unfinished quilts, a pair of Christmas stockings to knit, and about 72 other projects I want done in the next year. I take on projects all the time, and then lose my steam. I guess the quilts will have to wait though, because I can't WAIT to start on one of these aprons.