Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quick Update

Scout's inside renting a movie. I'm taking advantage of Safeway's free Wi-Fi.

We found a house. It's beautiful. We move in at the end of August.

That's it. Peace.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

House Hunting

We've been beating our brains to find a house. A decent, affordable, not too fixer-upperish house.

We opted out of the contract for the house on 36 acres after the inspection revealed a bad roof. Scout and I both got the same uneasy feeling and said, "Nope. Thanks anyway."

So now we find ourselves looking at houses in town, with the same desire to have some land, but realizing that it's just not the right time.

We've even looked into renting, and even when we lie about the quantity and breed of our dogs (pitbulls = no renting), the answer is, "Oh. We don't have any accommodations for that many dogs." Hmm. If only they knew the truth.

Scout has been concocting crazy things to tell the next person that calls us back about a rental we've inquired about. At least we've gotten a few laughs. Here are my favorites:

  • My wife told me I had to make a choice between her and the indoor pony. We just got divorced.
  • No, I don't have any dogs, but I have nine gerbils. And yes, they are house-trained.
  • I'm single, but my friends enjoy coming over on Fridays and channeling spirits with the Ouija board.
I'll let you know how those phone calls go.

Keep us in your thoughts - we want a freakin' house!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Trip From Hell

Thanks, Mom, for continuing to update everyone.

The wireless Internet has been hit and miss, but I've decided to take a stab at posting.

Let's recap our trip so far:

1. Shattered windshield.
2. Murdered turtle.
3. Demolished water pipe at Amarillo KOA.
4. Spent $1200 getting the trailer functional.
5. Spent $800 fixing our trusty pick-up.
6. Got scolded by assholes at Colorado Springs KOA.
7. Still being monitored by assholes at Colorado Springs KOA.
8. Lewis developed masses in his chest. (Turned out to be severe allergies.)
9. Found a house. Take possession Tuesday (that's our silver lining).

My friends, it has been hell. I have cried quite a bit. Scout has experienced a lot of anxiety. But we've made it. 

And Tucker has been awesome - happy, joyful, and lovely. He has recently decided that all of the dogs are named Daisy. He points to one of them (rarely the real Daisy) and says it very distinctly. When we try to correct him, he asserts that it is, in fact, Daisy. 

I've tried finding a job, but so far that part has been much harder than finding a house.

But I'm already checking CraigsList for chickens and goats. I couldn't be more excited about that (our house is on 36 acres with a loafing shed - we are ready for some livestock!).

And now for a few pictures.

Daisy (yes, the real Daisy) enjoyed the entire trip from Texas to Colorado:

It has been storming constantly since we got here (looks awesome, huh?). I tell you, there is nothing like Colorado lightning. This is the view from our RV:

Our temporary home. Tuesday can't come fast enough:

Thursday, July 09, 2009

LIfe is Good...Maybe

Sunday: Erin calls me at our cabin...there is something wrong with the truck. So they replace the O2 sensor, then they replace some other $90 part and they are an their way again. They have been house hunting and have found a place that they are going to put an offer down on. Yeah!!!

Ring a ling....Erin of course. My #1 is upset and needs a pep talk. She's at the end of her rope. So I tell her everything is going to be okay (because it will) and to focus on all the goods things going for them (keep them in your thoughts and prayers).

Monday: Hello..."we were on our way to put an offer down on that place and the truck broke down." Ok, long story short, the truck is now fixed (another few hundred $$ later) and their offer (done Tuesday) has been accepted. They could be in by this next Monday!!! Now you are thinking life is good (and it is) but back at the ranch (KOA) ...... The short version is this: Between the water on the carpet, dogs getting sick and the carpet being older than dirt...they rip the carpet out. Now you know Erin...maybe she needs a console TV to remodel (hee hee). They are putting tile down in it's place. Do you know anyone else who would tackle a project like this at this time. Yes you do and her name in Erin!!!

She also tells the KOA staff are keeping an eye on them to make sure they are following the rules. Erin's description is way better than mine.

Wednesday: I've talked to her a few times and everything is great. Her and Scout are in better moods and life is good!!! Until....Mom..."Scout just called and he's been in a car accident, but he doesn't have his phone with him and I haven't heard from him again!" So we talk awhile and finally Scout is home. It was just a fender bender but Scout is found at fault, bummer.

I get home from shopping after work (my phone had died) to have the husband tell me that Erin called and there was something wrong with Lewis and she needed to talk to me...So I try calling, no answer on her or Scouts phone. No call back either. It's Thursday morning and I just tried her number again...I leave message: Erin, I'm worried, whats going on. Either you've been abducted by aliens or those KOA people have had you thrown in jail. Call me.

Life is crazy!!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

They made it!!!!!

They all made it. No more dead things or crisis. At least not that day!

First call was good. They were settled in the KOA, enjoying camp life in the "vintage trailer". The pack & play wouldn't fit between the twin beds, so Tucker got to be a big boy and sleep in one of the twin beds with a railing that they purchased. I don't know where all the dogs slept, they are all couch potatoes.

Next call Erin was a little discouraged because house hunting wasn't producing very many results. I told her it takes time but to hold out until you knew you had seen the right place. Her and Scout are a little stressed but Tucker is rolling with the punches and enjoying camp life.

The call on the 4th was not good. Do you want to hear about the "vintage trailer" or would you rather hear about the "vintage trailer". Sorry, no other choices. Well, they come back to "Home Sweet Home" to find that the rain storm tore their vent hood off and there was all kinds of water on the "vintage floor" AND.... their air conditioning on that wonderful old trailer stopped working. Aren't we in a good mood now. Oh, I forgot.... they came home to a note on their door....dogs are barking, we need to talk... Turns out you can't leave dogs in a kennel and you can't leave them tied up out side. You're suppose to leave the monsters (six) inside your trailer so they can do whatever they want while mom and dad are away.

Erin also found out that you can't rent a place and have pit bulls. In the city of Denver pit bulls are banned. They had found a nice place to rent and could have six dogs on it's 40 acres but....not pit bulls. That call was all about brain storming about getting rid of the pits to I would take Daisy Mae and Diesel would have to go to a new home.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th. Thank you for loving Erin and reading her blog.

Mom, aka Cindy