Thursday, July 09, 2009

LIfe is Good...Maybe

Sunday: Erin calls me at our cabin...there is something wrong with the truck. So they replace the O2 sensor, then they replace some other $90 part and they are an their way again. They have been house hunting and have found a place that they are going to put an offer down on. Yeah!!!

Ring a ling....Erin of course. My #1 is upset and needs a pep talk. She's at the end of her rope. So I tell her everything is going to be okay (because it will) and to focus on all the goods things going for them (keep them in your thoughts and prayers).

Monday: Hello..."we were on our way to put an offer down on that place and the truck broke down." Ok, long story short, the truck is now fixed (another few hundred $$ later) and their offer (done Tuesday) has been accepted. They could be in by this next Monday!!! Now you are thinking life is good (and it is) but back at the ranch (KOA) ...... The short version is this: Between the water on the carpet, dogs getting sick and the carpet being older than dirt...they rip the carpet out. Now you know Erin...maybe she needs a console TV to remodel (hee hee). They are putting tile down in it's place. Do you know anyone else who would tackle a project like this at this time. Yes you do and her name in Erin!!!

She also tells the KOA staff are keeping an eye on them to make sure they are following the rules. Erin's description is way better than mine.

Wednesday: I've talked to her a few times and everything is great. Her and Scout are in better moods and life is good!!! Until....Mom..."Scout just called and he's been in a car accident, but he doesn't have his phone with him and I haven't heard from him again!" So we talk awhile and finally Scout is home. It was just a fender bender but Scout is found at fault, bummer.

I get home from shopping after work (my phone had died) to have the husband tell me that Erin called and there was something wrong with Lewis and she needed to talk to me...So I try calling, no answer on her or Scouts phone. No call back either. It's Thursday morning and I just tried her number again...I leave message: Erin, I'm worried, whats going on. Either you've been abducted by aliens or those KOA people have had you thrown in jail. Call me.

Life is crazy!!!


~ Denise ~ said...

omg...what a cliff hanger! I hope they are ok and that the KOA jail will at least have air conditioning.

Abbey said...

Oh goodness! What a crazy life they are leading right now! I hope it all works out.