Saturday, October 22, 2005


So lately, I've been really frustrated. I have so many things going through my brain that I feel like I can't focus on one thing long enough to blog. I don't blog enough anyway, but lately I've been so fed up with the media and other people's stupid opinions that my brain has a really hard time putting things into words. So here are a few things that are on my mind:

I think Donny Deutsch is a moron. He had Ted Nugent on his show the other day and made an ass out of himself. Ted Nugent said that people like Sharon Osborne should be slapped silly for letting their children get so out of control. In response, Donny Deutsch said something along the lines of, "So you condone violence towards women?" What a tool.

PBS had a show on the other day. I normally enjoy watching their documentaries, but when they started talking about Abu Ghraib, I rolled my eyes and left the room. I made the mistake of leaving the TV on while I started to play spades. Before I knew it, they were playing Britney Spears and Eminem...And I was perplexed. I walked into the living room and heard the narrator say something like, "The soldiers blared pop music in order to torture the prisoners." Does anyone else have the uncontrollable urge to laugh about this? America needs a reality check...Torture is being lit on fire or having your fingers cut off (and I'm sure other things that Americans can't even fathom). Hello???? Does anyone remember who was in power before we invaded Iraq?

Ok, so these are only two examples. But I feel like I need a serious break from the media. Every time I turn on the TV, I forget how irritated I was the last time I watched the news.

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