Wednesday, February 15, 2006

13 Things You Wouldn't Guess By Looking At Me

Saw this on Sarah's site. Since it: a) looks fun and b) involves talking about myself, I figured I would do it too.

1. I know how to milk a goat...and not I-kind-of-learned-how-to at the county fair. I really know how to milk a goat.

2. I wish it were possible for me to save every animal on the planet from being abused and neglected.

3. I have a phobia of contracting HIV (seriously, this keeps me up at night...I know I have issues).

4. I was voted "Most Reliable" in high school...It shocked the hell out of me.

5. I'm constantly thinking about how to rearrange the furniture in my house.

6. My kitchen cabinets are so unorganized, I have to use a flashlight to find what I need.

7. I fear being the only one that understands my step-daughter.

8. I have a really hard time forgiving myself for some of the things I've done.

9. I really hate shaving. I want to have all my leg hair lasered off.

10. I honestly don't know if I want children of my own.

11. People that use big words intimidate me.

12. I never measure anything when I cook. I like Rachael Ray's motto: "Eyeball it"

13. When I die, I want my body to be donated to science, cremated, and sprinkled all over my family cabin property.

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APCoboL is Back said...

1. The reason you can milk a goat is because your mother refused to breast-feed you while you were a cub. Cubs tend to be voraciously beastial when it comes to feeding.

2. You'd like to save all animals from suffering probably due your lack of self confidence. People tend to 'care' for animals for selfish reasons; being proud of such acts often provides enough drive to lead an act - a rather pitiable act at that.

3. The phobia of HIV is understandable. Likely, your father (god knows who that may be) slept with your HIV-infected mother. You however, just haven't developed the virus yet. It takes about 14 years to kick in, so don't worry. Your time will come.

4. People think you're realiable because you're willing to take an iron rod (an scaldant iron rod) up your anus for them. Again, due to low self confidence of your part in need to constantly trying to impress everyone.

5. You have no goal in life, so furniture is what keeps a person busy.

6. Again, the lack of self confidence drives you to ignore the person that needs your utmost attention: yourself. Pitiful. No wonder you have HIV.

7. Your step-daughter probably contracted HIV from you, thus, you'd be able to understand her in comparison to everyone else.

8. Reason you can't forgive yourself is again, due to low self confidence. HIV infected individuals have little to live for. Don't blame yourse... er... never mind.

9. Laziness is part of low self-confidence and again that lack of caring for your own person. Another sign of HIV - barren feelings when thinking about you.

10. Well, if you don't want to spread HIV, then don't.

11. "big words...". Eloquency can be intimidating I presume.

12. Who cares about measuring? It's just cooking for a person who doesn't care about herself and has HIV - you don't need to care about measuring.

13. When you die, we'll have to use a nice biohazard bag to keep the insects from being infected with HIV.