Monday, February 13, 2006

Beautiful Rome

Rome was my favorite part of my parents' Christmas visit. I studied the Sistine Chapel in college, and promised myself that I would go someday. The Vatican really is all it's cracked up to be...Usually touristy stuff doesn't really impress me all that much, but I loved Rome.

I realized within the first hour of entering Italy, however, that NO ONE there speaks English (I have more luck with the Asians in Czech speaking English). Since I speak absolutely no Italian, the communication was interesting. On the first day, I got yelled at in Italian by the bus driver (I have no idea why he was yelling at me, by the way).

There also seemed to be a high concentration of crazies in Rome. They all seemed to sit next to Scout on the bus...and he is so uptight about strangers being in his personal space...we had a good laugh about it, he had a headache. One guy started a fight on the bus (right next to Scout), and I thought he was going to jump out the window.

And Mom, I will never forget getting ripped off by that four foot Italian lady. 117 Euros FOR LUNCH. Never again....Good thing you

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