Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Well, I just took a vinegar bath per Kelly's instructions (for a dumb ass mistake I made in the stupid, evil tanning bed...I stayed in too long). Now I smell like my favorite potato chip, and Lewis is licking my legs like they're Alpo flavored lollipops.

On a more pleasant note, I talked to Master P today (he's in town for a welcome home ceremony for 94th Engineers).

Anyway, Scout and I were walking out of the PX this evening, and Master P came walking in. I smiled and yelled, "What's up DUDE!" Scout kept walking like he was too cool.

I never noticed how nice Master P's smile was until I saw him up close...and he said, "What's uuup." (All slow and mellow like).

As we did the equivalent of shaking hands...with closed fists (do you know what I mean?) I said, "Welcome to Hell, Dude."

He laughed and walked off.

You know, I never knew much about Master P until he was on Dancing With the Stars. But I rooted for him because I wanted him to prove he could do it...And I LOVED his partner, Ashly.

For the 2.4 seconds I was around him, he seemed like a pretty cool dude.

Before today, the only famous person I had met was Dr. Seuss. He was pretty damn cool too.


Nancy said...

That is so cool! I watched Dancing With the Stars too, and I liked Master P. He is such a big guy! You'll have to compare notes. I think Sarah went to see Snoop Dog in Paris one time, however, I don't think they did the fist handshake! Anyone for the Moody Blues, Fleetwood Mac? I do like a lot of the rap music, as long as the lyrics aren't downright nasty. My kids' friends used to see I was the only mom they knew that listened to rap! I actually miss the bass sound reverberating in the house like it did when they were all at home!

The Girl said...

We saw him, too!! It was the craziest thing... shopping at the phone store, and buying food in our food court. One of the AAFES guys that works at the PX was telling us about how Master P bought all this stuff last night at the store, and I'm thinking "Hmm.. must not have to have a VALID ID CARD if you're a celebrity!!" It was funny.

I took a picture with my phone - I'll try to upload it this week.

Vonn** said...

Aww Man, No excitment like that in Oklahoma. James and Dante' would have been so excited. Can't wait to tell them.

Anonymous said...

Now Erin . . . did you really think he was a good dancer? Did he really dance? Glad to know some big names are coming to Welcome Home events . . . heck my MIL could not even shop at the PX and she had a valid ID card . . . retiree. He could pay full price but that is AAFES . . . go figure?

nicole said...

I can't decide which part of this post I like better: the part where you talk about your dog licking your vinegar-flavored legs or the part where you tell Master P, "Welcome to Hell"...too funny! I can picture all of this in the front of the Vilseck PX now...with those vendor-people there on the sidelines. :)

Erin said...

Nancy, I love you. Seriously. Sarah and I were talking about driving down the street and seeing a cute mom in a family car bumpin' to Snoop. You are so cool.

Vonn...I know, isn't it cool?

Susan...I've had problems at the PX buying things when I have forgotten my ID card. But I've noticed that it depends on how much you're buying. Some German lady with no ID (that spoke no English) used her German BANK CARD to buy $500 worth of stuff (this was after he asked for her ID and she obviously didn't have one). I know because I had to wait in line behind her! After she left, I confronted the guy about it, and he made some lame excuse about missing out on a $500 sale for AAFES. No, he just didn't want to put all the merchandise back. Whatever.

Heidi, I saw Master P as the underdog. He was so out of his element, I wanted him to succeed. I wish he would have changed his damn shoes though! I think that would have helped tremendously.

Nicole...Oh how I wish I was "imagining" Vilseck. I'm so freakin' jealous of you. Someday...