Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kansas Mine

O Kansas, thou art mine;
O Kansas, I am thine;
Thy love I claim.
Thou land of joy and light;
Thou land where right is might;
Thou land that's ever bright
With honest fame.

Thy very name is dear
Unto my loyal ear,
And sweet it sounds.
I love to see that name;
It gleams with holy flame;
Its glory all proclaim
Within thy bounds.

I love thy prairies wide,
Thy fertile soil, well tried,
Thy rolling plains;
Thy corn, whose verdant sheen
O'er rolling miles is seen;
And waving fields, all green,
Of smaller grains.

Thy groves and vine-made bowers;
Thy wild and lavish flowers,
Give me delight;
Thy streams where thick woods grow,
And mirrored limbs below
Move gently to and fro,
Entrance my sight.

O Kansas, Kansas mine,
Thou evermore shalt shine
With radiance bright,
Like polar star on high,
The guide post of the sky;
And all shall turn the eye
To catch thy light.

-John Edward Everett


peca said...


this poem touched me so as my grandpa was born & raised in Fort Scott, Kansas (one of 15).

peca said...

by the way peca stands for aunt penny in seattle

Erin said...

Aunt Penny,

I'm so glad you commented!

Yeah, Kansas is my favorite place on earth (besides the cabin). I drive Mark batty when I constantly talk about all the good times I had there...and the good times I plan to have there in the future! Seriously, I go on Realtor.com all the time and say, "BABE, YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW CHEAP THIS COOL HOUSE IS!" He just rolls his eyes and says, "Yes, dear." (as any good husband should do) :-)

nicole said...

Are you from Kansas? My good friend just left here to PCS to Fort Riley. She really likes it.

Erin said...

No, I'm from Olympia, Washington...

But I went to college in Hays, Kansas...I miss it so bad!