Friday, March 31, 2006

Llama Love

So here's my update to two truths and a lie:

1) I once had a goat that ate my algebra homework.

True. I was at the Puyallup State Fair, showing my dairy goats (no jokes, There were pens set up for all of the goats, and one pen set up for supplies in the middle of two of the goat pens. It had hay bales in it so the showmen could sit in there. Well, I was sitting on one of the hay bales doing algebra homework (I was missing about a week of school). I looked over into one of the other pens, and a goat had her head stuck between two slats. I put my homework down on the hay bale and helped the goat free herself. By the time I walked back over to the supplies pen, another goat had reached her head in and was munching on my algebra worksheet. I pulled it from her mouth, but about a third of it was gone. The next week, when I whispered to Mr. Gibbons the unbelievable news, he thought it was too hilarious to keep it a secret. He laminated the partially eaten homework, made me sign it, and hung it up in his classroom for the rest of the school year.

2) My mom accidentally murdered our pet hedgehog when I was in high school.

True. My mom unknowingly put the wrong kind of wood chips in the poor critter's cage. Apparently, hedgehogs are fatally allergic to this particular kind or something. My mom still feels horrible about the untimely death she caused. Forgive yourself, Mom.

3) I once resuscitated a newborn llama by giving it CPR.

False. I've never seen a newborn llama. I resuscitated a newborn goat though (surprise, surprise). And yes, he did live.


Sarah said...

My mom killed our tadpole. We had one of those "growing a frog" kits, and she was trying to clean out the bowl. She tried to tilt the bowl over the sink so only the dirty water would run out, but the tadpole made a jump for it and went down the drain. Mom panicked and flipped on the light to see if she could see the tadpole, but she hit the garbage disposal by mistake. No more tadpole.

Erin said...

What a sad story!

Nancy said...

Yep, Sarah's right. It was like a vegomatic commercial. The kids were crying and upset, and I was holding in hysterical laughter! I felt bad, but at the moment it was one of those crazy scenarios that you might see on an "I Love Lucy" episode. Poor tadpole. We also went to church one Sun. morning, and when we returned, all of our fish in the aquarium had jumped out on the hearth of the fireplace and had died. Another time Michael had a little friend over, and he turned up the heater on the aquarium and we had fried fish!I've got all sorts crazy pet tales!