Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Ok. For the last year or so, Scout has been calling me at work saying, "What do you want to do? Do you want to stay in Germany, or do you want to go to Fort (fill in the blank)?" I talked to sergeant so-and-so, and he said I can choose. Most of you can probably guess what I said, but it obviously didn't matter...because we're still here.

So yesterday was no different. He calls me and says, "I can get orders for Fort Hood. Is that ok?" (I love him for including me in the decision, by the way) Half-robot-like, I said, "Yes, dear. Fort Hood would be amazing." He said, "Well good, because that's where we're going if we want it." Me: "Ok babe. Love you. Bye." We hung up the phone.

As I lifted my hand off the receiver, a panic rushed over me. OH. MY. GOD. We are leaving Germany. Where am I going to work? What are we going to do? The poor dogs! They will be so traumatized on the plane! What about all of my stuff? I need to have a garage sale. Maybe I'll sell it all on eBay. Or maybe I'll consign it at the thrift store. I definitely can't keep the entertainment center. My Polish pottery better make it there. I need to go to Poland one last time. Do I still want to join the Army? There's no snow in Texas, right? I hope not. I'm sick of this weather. I bet there's like four Walmarts at Fort Hood. When should we ship the truck? SHOULD we ship the truck? When will I go to Seattle for Meghan's wedding? We leave June 1st, and she gets married in August. Do I fly to Fort Hood and then to Seattle? Or should I just fly to Seattle from Germany, and then drive my new truck to Fort Hood? If I go to Seattle early, do I get a job for two months? Or do I continue to sponge off my husband and my mom? Eww. I don't want to deep clean this house. I can't wait to go to Walmart. Ahhh. Target. I have so many projects to finish. The baby sweater. The quilt. The dog pillow. The scrapbook. The scrapbooky-type picture frame thingy. Should we rent a house for $700/mo? Or pay an $800 mortgage on a house we can call ours? I need to call Sarah. I need to call Kelly. Where are they going? What am I going to do without them? Maybe we can all go to Cape May next year. And Peoria the next. Just girls. And then Seattle. Or they can come to Fort Hood. I'll have a big enough house. I need to lose weight. Especially if we are living in Texas. Heat and fat rolls don't mix. I want to wear flip-flops in February. Maybe we can go see Dad and Marie on the weekends. But what would we do with the dogs? How often can we see Savannah? Will she want to come to our house? Will she still like me? Will she like the dogs? Gosh, she's growing up so fast. Wow, I sound like my parents. I'm dreading the flight. I need to start using more spices when I cook. Who knows if they'll actually ship them. Do we have enough money saved up? Maybe we should just stay here. Sike.

Breathe in, breathe out. Walmart is only a few months away.


Vonn** said...

WOO-SAW! Find your Chi, grasshopper!

Heidi said...

I live 40 minutes from the main gate at Fort Hood . . . sorry but they only have 2 Super Wal-Marts in Killeen but 4 in the area . . . and yes, Target too! Fort Hood has changed so much in the last 10 years . . . I think you will love the area. And to get you excited, today the high is suppose to be 80! I was going bare foot last month and have only wore a coat about 5 days this winter. Let me know if you need anything . . . Hood is a HUGE post . . . 2 PXs and 2 Commissaries. Good Luck with the preparations!
-Heidi S.

unknown said...

Soldiers from Fort Hood are going to Iraq in May-June.

Erin said... are hilarious. God I miss you!

Heidi...Thank you for getting me excited about all of the good stuff! I guess two Super Walmarts will have to

And Proud Army Wife...thanks for the heads up.

Cindy said...

Erin!!! You need medication!! Or it's the medication I took when you were in the womb!!! lol

So, I have to read on your Blog where you are going. Fine. Don't talk to me.

Why can't you keep the entertainment center, yes they will ship your spices, yes you should ship the truck, no, you can't mooch off your mom, and yes Savanah will still like you.

Erin said...

Thanks, Mom. I can always count on you to calm me down. But I'm still thinking about mooching off of you

nicole said...

Oh funny...I think I am out-of-breath after reading your post! But I can totally complain about Germany while you're there but then you get into a comfort zone, where you're used to the little PX and having 2 food choices on post...the BIG American world is scary! Ha ha're going to love it ;) Target is the best, let me tell ya.

AlliCadem said...

I told this to CaliValley when she was heading to the states for a visit.... Dude. Coming from Germany? Here's what you HAVE to do when you get back:

Go to WalMart at 2AM on a Sunday. Buy groceries and try on clothes. Oh! And stand seven or eight feet away from the person in front of you in line -- No one will cut in front. At least without saying "Excuse me." or "Are you in line?" Oh, and go to a restaurant and NOT smell cigarettes.

You will definitely notice how friendly everyone is.

And about trying to ship stuff that's 'questionable'? Just put it in a box and have them pack the box. I packed ALL of my non-perishable food, batteries AND spices.... That shit's expensive to replace!

Erin said...


Yeah, I'm stoked to buy already made egg rolls, shredded carrots, and bagged 2 o'clock in the morning...on a Sunday! Great minds think alike...In fact, when my husband and I came for a visit last year, we were in Walmart every SINGLE day. We went in one after midnight just because we