Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Can you believe it's only been a week since I took the last picture of these little cuties? They have feathers already! And I read that they should be leaving the nest in the next week or so. (How is that possible?)

Oh, by the way...I've consistently counted ten little birds. I don't know if there is an eleventh sneaking in some warmth under the others, or if only ten birdies hatched. But I'll letchya know.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad humans have more time with their parents before they leave their home :).
So cute!!

AlliCadem said...

That picture made me smile! Thanks, I needed that!

Cindy said...

Oh my gosh...What a brood!!! I am so impressed that those little birds can feed that many mouths. Their beaks still look too big for them!! I'm so glad you are still there to keep watch over them. One of God's amazing little creations.

Vonn** said...

Thanks for my daily "warm fuzzy". It's amazing how strong something so small can be.

sharona said...

Wow, and I thought our place was crowded! They sure are packed in there!