Sunday, June 18, 2006

Being an Adult Rules! Yesss!

You're looking at my current mode of transportation:

On Friday, Scout and I took our Explorer in for a brake inspection and a "check noise in engine" inspection.

$788.76 (in parts) later, we walked out of the Car Care Center wondering if our hoopty was going to make it home.

See, two months ago, I took the truck in for a mandatory inspection so that I could renew the registration. It passed with flying colors. However, I let the inspection expire - so Scout had to take it back in a month later - the truck passed inspection again. No mention about brakes or the ungodly noise in the engine. In fact, when I took it in, the guy said, "I don't hear a noise in the engine. It's ok."

So now we have 0% brakes (well, 10% brakes on one side) and we were told not to drive the vehicle. We have to wait until June 29th for our appointment. Niiiice. Oh, and the timing chain has to be replaced (which, we've found out, is going to be about 400-600 euros for the labor).

It's actually kind of funny when I think about it. My thighs will thank me later, I'm sure.


Kelly said...

I love that bike!!!!Don't let me forget to get a picture if it too....And yes sometimes it sucks to be an adult and have responsibilities...I should know since I am currentley paying to have the girls truck fixed that I backed into...Blah!!!!

Vonn** said...

You backed into someone's truck?

Heidi said...

Love the bike . . . wish I would have bought me one of those while in Germany . . . cute little basket too!