Thursday, August 03, 2006

Five Things

I got tagged by Kelly.

Five things in my purse:

1. headphones
2. passport
3. circular knitting needle
4. cds
5. a receipt for 705 euros from shipping my dogs

Five things in my fridge:

1. leftover spaghetti bolognese from Santa Lucia
2. fat free french vanilla coffee creamer
3. grape soda
4. hot dogs
5. orange juice

Five things in my closet:

Absolutely nothing. The movers took all of it yesterday!

Five things in my car:

1. body spray
2. pina colada air freshener (which makes me want to puke, but Scout insisted on it)
3. basketball
4. East of Eden and Power of One (from the library)
5. Scout's mp3 player

I'm tagging Sharona and AlliCadem.


Sarah said...

Keep that dog shipping receipt for your taxes! It will reduce your Adjusted Gross Income, which will help make you eligible for Retirement Savings Contributions Credit (form 8880). That means a tax credit of up to $2000 for putting money in your TSP or IRAs! Hooray! Moving expenses are one of few things that reduces your AGI, so it's valuable! I kept Charlie's receipt and also a printout of the Euro/Dollar conversion for the day we shipped him. Sweet...

(P.S. Make sure that if someone in the Army does your taxes that they do that Form 8880. They didn't do it for us last year, so Russ is refiling right now. We should get an additional $800! Taxes: so confusing, but so fun when you figure out a way to sucker more from the system.)

AlliCadem said...

Right on!

I am re-reading East of Eden, oddly enough and read the Power of One, shoot, years and years ago. Both excellent.