Thursday, September 28, 2006


I'm a huge fan of Pink. A couple of weeks ago, my sister put in a CD of her's that I hadn't heard yet. On it was a song called Dear Mr President.

The first time I heard it, it made me kind of angry. But then I just decided to listen to it without making judgements about Pink's political beliefs.

I came away with a few questions of my own - even though I thought the song was a bit misdirected. I don't know - the song makes me think - which in today's music industry is rare for me (well, listening to My Humps really changed my life as well. Yeah, not so much).

My favorite questions from the song:

What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away?
And what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay?

And my least favorite:

How do you sleep while the rest of us cry?
How do you dream when a mother has no chance to say good-bye?
How do you walk with your held high?

I would really like to know what the rest of you think of this song. Seriously.


sharona said...

I haven't listened to that song recently, I'll have to get the cd out & re-listen. However, I have to say I LOVE "stupid girls". Great song! I have her 2 previous cd's but not the current one.

CaliValleyGirl said... know, I always get a little annoyed when people suddenly care about the families of fallen soldiers, but they were never by their sides before this soldier died, when he was alive, and the family was proud of him and his committment to the military...nope...they only start caring about the family once there is a dead soldier, or once the family doesn't support the military anymore.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't care for most "celebrities" because they have NO CLUE to the sacrifices made on their behalf. I don't even have to listen to their crap because I can almost quote what they are saying to you without hearing it. I guess thats the price we pay as a free nation. They have the right to be clueless unless it fits their agenda somehow.


Dick said...

Pink, is a clueless idiot.
No more, no less.
If she only knew...

AlliCadem said...

But another thing? What side is she referring to? If you imagine your least favorites coming from an oppressed society.... I haven't heard the song, and probably will not, but from what point of view is she coming from? That makes a huge difference.

"How do you sleep while the rest of us cry?"

You could put that blanket on any bed.

I have thought of Pink as being smarter than the other girlie artists -- she has an opinion versus the, "whatever you want because you are the man and I love you and want to please you...."

But politically, I have no idea where she stands. I have to assume Left Coast....

Erin said...


Pink is referring to the deaths in Iraq (from what I understand of the song).

What makes me angry about that is the fact that *the majority* of Americans aren't constantly mourning the lives lost in Iraq; they are bitching about how stupid Bush is. So to say that Bush is sleeping soundly while we all stay up at night and bawl our eyes out because of the "illegal" war in Iraq is an unfair representation.

And yes, I'm pretty sure she's a lefty. Not that I'm a total righty or anything (just mostly :), but I know that her and I don't have much common ground politically speaking.

And yes, Alli, I've liked Pink for the same reasons you mentioned. That's what makes me kind of sad about it.

Sarah said...

Yeah, I was also disappointed when I heard Eminem's song "Mosh" a few years back. I suppose musicians write about what they're feeling, but don't they know they'll alienate 50% of the population if they write about politics?

Anonymous said...

I love Pink!