Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Week Two

I know that I've been a bad blogger lately; I've been super busy (which all my friends hear every single time I start a new semester - sorry). I'm really looking forward to having my schedule completely free of required brain-stretching (which will be in about six weeks).

Today was the first day of midterms. I had to go to Fort Lewis - which made me feel at home. I never realized before this week how much I feel like a part of the military community. For the most part, I don't feel at home around civilians - partly because I unknowingly start using Army lingo, and I have to back up and explain what ACS stands for, what an Article 15 is, or what the difference between an officer and an NCO is.

But anyway, Fort Lewis made me smile. And the scale this week made me smile even more. Two smiles in one day makes for one happy girl.

Previous weight loss: 4.2 pounds

Week two weight loss: 2.6 pounds

Total weight loss: 6.8 pounds

Oh yeah, Dad. I talked to someone else today that knew you in Berlin. It's such a small world.


Anonymous said...

besides diarrhea-man, who would know me at Ft. Lewis???


Erin said...

lol...I don't know - he was in chemical or something. But he mentioned something about Col Hunter and Hutchinson (?). His last name is Gilmore. He told me you wouldn't remember him, but he remembers you!