Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Work Sucks

I still hate my job.

I only have five work days left, but this job makes me slightly understand where people are coming from when they walk into an office and start shooting it up (don't worry - I'm not contemplating anything like that).

I won't go into the mundane details of my work day, but I drove home in tears today (which has started to become an every day occurrence). I asked my mom to call the office and tell them I was in a serious car accident. Because then, you know, I wouldn't be able to help the fact that I couldn't come back. She said no.

So I guess I'm going back tomorrow.

I have a couple of fun stories though. I guess my job is good for something, right?

So the other day, I was grabbing the notebook that we use to record feline leukemia/AIDS tests. As I walked back to surgery, where my favorite doctor was performing a cat neuter, two sticky, nasty, round objects came flying at me. One bounced off of me and landed on the notebook. I looked down, and it was a fresh little cat testicle. Yeah, that was nasty.

On the same day, I got to give a cute little cocker spaniel a bath. No one really told me what it was for; giving baths is a pretty common task for me. The dog looked completely normal and healthy while she was dry. But as I hosed her down, I started seeing hundreds and hundreds of little black spots. I thought, man this dog has bad skin! But when I looked closer, the spots were moving - THEY WERE FLEAS. I swear there were five hundred of them. I used a shampoo called Mycodex. It's one of those that has instructions on the bottle similar to, "Do not let this touch your skin or you will die. Do not consume or you will die. Do not splash this in your eye or you will die. Death is a possible consequence of using this product." Anyway, the fleas were seriously dead within two seconds of applying the shampoo. As I washed it off the dog though, I saw blood swirling around the bottom of the tub. Those bastards had eaten her raw. I felt so bad for her - but was happy that I was able to provide her with a little relief.

On a different note, I had a telephone interview with a company that is willing to pay me a decent salary and serious opportunities for advancement (I guess college education really does have its advantages). It looks promising; I got a packet in the mail giving the company permission to check my credit report, and I have a second interview when I get to Texas. Sweeeet. The down side? I actually have to dress like a girl - nylons, heels, and suits. The whole nine yards.

Think happy thoughts for me.


Vonn** said...

I'm sending good thoughts and good ju-ju as I type this. You will land that job with no problem!

The Girl said...


But just think of all the cute girly SKINNY clothes you'll be able to buy!!! :)

Dick said...

Hope you got her ears and eyebrows or those little bastards will be right back.
When I picked up my stray kitten off the side of the road, she was covered with fleas.
Now, she runs the house.