Saturday, October 14, 2006


I just ordered my first graduation present (a gift from my mom and stepdad):

Ahhh...Who knew a simple appliance could make all those million-page papers disappear from my memory?


Dick said...

Kelly has one of those. Very cool.

Sarah said...

Oh sweet, you're going to love it. Did you get the white one?

Vonn** said...

When I grow up and learn to bake, I want one of those too. I considered buying one now, but I can't justify the purchase and so the husband would freak. :)

How I love my frugal husband.

sharona said...

I got one of those from my mother in law for a shower present when I got married. Love it! Mine is cobalt blue! They are soooo awesome, I'm sure you'll enjoy yours!

Anonymous said...

I got one too!! Cakes and pies are done in no time! Hope it isn't to tempting with you dieting.