Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sometimes I Wonder About People

The most interesting conversation I had a few days ago:

Customer (drops a bag of crap at my register) and says: I wanna pawn shop.

Me: I'm sorry?

Customer: I wanna pawn shop.

Me: I'm sorry. I don't understand. Would you like to get a loan on your stuff or sell it?


Me (thinking, well, lady, I wasn't standing in line the day they handed out pawn shops, so you're what I like to call SOL): Ummm.

Customer (calls her daughter over, who supposedly speaks a clearer version of English): I work for KISD and she no can understand me. Tell her I wanna pawn shop.

Daughter (looking just as clueless as I must have): Ummm.

And here's one from yesterday:

Customer: Do you sell satin sheets?

Me: I'm sorry?

Customer: Satin sheets.

Me: Umm. No ma'am. Have you tried WalMart?

Who tries to buy satin sheets at a pawn shop? People are so freakin' weird.

I wish I could remember all the stories from work...Sometimes there are just too many to store in my brain.

And this morning I dreamt that Toby Keith came in for a $200 loan on a ring.

Have a good weekend, everyone. I'll be at work.


Nicole said...

The part about the satin sheets made me laugh. I agree...people are oh-so-weird. It reminds me of my unpleasant trips to the post thrift shop where people think they can buy new or barely used electonics and pottery for $5. Argh! I continually have to lower the already dirt cheap price I put on my stuff to get it to sell...after the lady tells me, "Umm...people will only pay like a couple dollars for most things." And then they go to pawn shops looking for satin sheets....

Anonymous said...

People are SO weird! I have been working at a little (Polish Pottery) store for a few months now... first time I have EVER been working in retail... and oh, I am so much NICER to people working in stores now! LOL! Toby Keith is a nice guy, was lucky enough to meet and escort him during one of his tours visiting soldiers in Germany... he'd probably get a kick out of hearing about your dream!