Monday, July 30, 2007

Air Conditioner

I'm still working on the five questions from Dick, just in case you're wondering. My house has been entirely too hot to focus on anything like that.

Last week, when we had yet another Texas storm, the outside unit of my air conditioner stopped working. Of course, I didn't notice it until the next morning when I woke up in a pool of my own sweat. I don't know if the storm had anything to do with it, but it seems too coincidental to me not to mention it.

Anyway, I made an online claim with my home warranty company and miserably (but patiently) waited 48 hours for them to call. On Friday, I couldn't wait any longer and called. The claim had never been received. So of course, I had to wait all weekend as I roasted in my own house, and called the company back today because I couldn't imagine lasting one more night in 90-degree heat. Luckily, the contractors were able to make it in less than two hours from when I called.

Before they got there, I was sure to clean as much as I could. Despite the fact that my house has been miserably hot, I have been cleaning a little every day to keep it under control. However, today I made sure everything was spotless. Floors, kitchen, dusting, bathroom, bedroom - done. And trust me - no dog hair on the floor is a serious measure of successful cleaning.

So when the doorbell rang, Lewis and Winston (my two barkers) went crazy. All the girls just sat there and wagged their tails, so I put the boys away and answered the door. When I greeted the two men, they both backed up when they saw Daisy. I assured them she was friendly as she calmly stood there looking up at them. But I could already sense the judgement. Who is this crazy lady with GodKnowsHowMany dogs?

I led them outside and showed them the unit. One of the men, covered head to toe in tattoos, told me with as many dogs as you have, it probably just needs a cleaning. He replaced some part and made a comment about how much dog hair was in there. I poked my head inside and quite honestly, I've seen more dog hair in my computer tower. But I didn't justify anything, I just waited for them to be done. The tattoo man then went into my bedroom where the inside unit is. He explained with as many dogs as you have, you should be changing the air filter once a week. And with as many dogs as you have, you should let me charge you $250 to acid wash this unit, which your warranty company won't cover (of course).

Argh. I'm hard enough on myself when it comes to my house. I take a lot of pride in my home, and quite honestly, if I didn't tell you I had dogs, I'm fairly confident you wouldn't be able to tell when walking through my front door. But I always dread when repair people come over. I never want to be that person that causes them to go back to the office and say, "Hey boss, you'll never believe this story about the crazy lady with five dogs! Her AC was so nasty..."

Oh well. I'm going to go watch the temperature on my thermostat drop.


Dick said...

Tell him to pound a bag of sand in his ass. It works for me.

Holder said...

happy birthday!

Mark said...

Feed that fucker to the dogs! Happy Birthday, Erin!!!

maxxdog said...

Happy Birthday, Erin. Dick said to come here and say that. He said some other things but I didn't believe him.
DONOT let anyone acid clean anything on your a/c unit. NOT EVER! I work in the hvac field. Acid will eat the shit out of the aluminum fins on the evap coil. You can use plain water on the outside coils. They also make non acid cleaners that are excellent for the inside coil.
250 bucks is a ripoff too. I do that for about 100 including material on most units.

KurtP said...

Hi Erin, Dick sent me too.
Happy Birthday.

Kinda sounds like the tat-guy had a thing about dogs. We have three, and the only problems we have is exess dust in the filters,,,and the freeze-up at 100% humidity.

maxxdog said...

If you are freezing up in high humidity you might want to check the inside coil (evaporator) for dirt. If filters get too dirty they will allow dirt and dust to bypass and collect on the coil itself. If you don't have enough airflow you can freeze up the coil too. Are all your diffusers/registers open? Could also be a low refrigerant charge but I'd check the coil for dirt build up first.