Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Freaked Out

Man. Scout and I just had a freaky experience.

We were watching some news program about the prince of India being gay, when out of the blue, Lewis (the dog we got together almost five years ago) struggled to his feet and started backing up. He looked confused and scared. He was having a difficult time walking, and started to stumble and bang into the furniture. I immediately knew something was wrong, while Scout kept telling me that his foot was asleep (which actually happens to Lewis a lot - although I've never seen that in a dog before).

He scrambled into the back room, while Foxy tried snapping him into shape like she does. He was drooling and staring into space. Then, when Scout and I followed Lewis to the back of the house, Lewis laid down and started to pee. A lot. Now, if someone told me any of my other dogs had an accident in the house, I might believe them. But Lewis, he has a bladder made of steel. He can go hours and hours without going outside, and would never, EVER, pee in the house if he could control it. This is about the time that I lost it and started sobbing while wrapping my arms around him. Scout ran and got a towel and put the other dogs away.

I kept asking, "Babe, what is wrong with him?", demanding an answer as if he knew any better than I did. And I then told him to call my mom. Moms know everything.

I then noticed that Lewis' toes were all stretched apart, and his whole body seemed tense. It crossed my mind that it might be a seizure, but I was too panicked to actually think straight.

So here Scout is trying to explain to Mom what is going on, listening to me sob, and trying to figure out what the hell is happening. At some point, Scout entered soldier mode and said, "Calm the fuck down! Chill the fuck out!", which to some people may sound harsh. But knowing him as I do, I knew it was his way of needing me to check back in to reality and help him figure things out.

Just about that time, Mom said it sounded like a seizure. Knowing what I do about them, I just rocked Lewis gently and calmly told him everything was ok. A few seconds later, he still looked confused, but he wasn't tense anymore. He let me lay on the floor with him for a while, and then jumped up like a new man. He happily let us bathe him, and now he seems fine. Our boy is ok.


Dick said...

I hate to tell you, but Lewis just had an epileptic seizure.
Quite common in dogs.
I had a sheltie that had them about once a month or so. The dog has no clue what's going on during this time. Just make him comfortable when these happen.
To my very limited knowledge, there's nothing that can be done and it really doesn't hurt the dog, just sometimes fucks up the carpet.
Check with your vet and see what he or she says.
Vomiting, urination, and shitting themselves happens.
Be patient guys. Just part of doggie life.

Mark said...

Oh man, that sucks. I hope he's okay.

Poor guy...

aunt penny said...

uncle bruce says you should have him checked for epilepsey -- as he believes there is medication (dilantin?) he can be given

Sarah said...

Poor little Lewis! He's my big version of Charlie...

Mari Lynn said...

I had a rescued dog that suffered from epileptic seizures..vet put him on phenobarbital...you have to work for a bit to get the correct dosage...enough to control seizures without having the dog sedated all the time...worked wonders, he did just fine. this is more common than one might think.