Friday, August 31, 2007


I just checked the email account I use for blogging for the first time in a while. I have it set up for my myspace account to alert me when I have a new message or friend request. One said that I had a message from Ryan, and another said I had a friend request from Ryan. My heart leapt as I rushed to my myspace page, thinking it was a dear friend of mine from high school that is now in the Navy. Him and I don't talk nearly as much as I'd like.

When I clicked on Ryan's picture, a man that I had never seen came on the screen. Sometimes I get those band starter wannabes requesting me so they can just have another person to listen to their music. So I started looking at the page to see if I could conjure up some memory of this person. And I saw a banner that said, "Embrace Us All" with transgender stuff all over. WHAT? Nope, I didn't know this person.

So I went and read the message from Ryan and it said something like, "Hey, Erin. Remember me? We were in Ms. ____'s class together. But my name was ______ back then. A few things have changed."

And the memories were suddenly conjured.

There was this girl in my Psychology class that seemed really sweet, but off somehow. One day, I caught her staring at me in a way that only seemed normal coming from 15 year old boys. I had a short-ish skirt on (and I must admit, I had great legs in high school. Who didn't, I guess?). Every time I looked over at her, she was staring at my legs, and then would look me in the eye without looking away. From then on, I was convinced she was a lesbian.

And now she's a dude. Well, I don't know if she's technically a dude, but she's living as one. I don't even know what to say back to him. Uh, her. Him. See? What do you say?


Sarah said...

Um, wow. That's pretty bold that he(she) reached out to you. I actually think that kind of bravery is pretty damn inspiring.

Mark said...

"I don't even know what to say back to him. Uh, her. Him. See? What do you say?"

I say you (and us) aren't the only ones who are confused!

Seriously, I say you reply back (if you are so inclined) and say congrats on your happiness. Then talk to him like he is a normal human being. Because that's all he's looking for. Acceptance.

Erin said...

Thanks, guys. I actually did email him back. I kept it short and sweet. And yes, it was very brave of him to email me. :)

allicadem said...

It's still funny.... You sure don't come across that everyday, now, do you?

It does take some balls to write you.... HAHA

SoHoS said...

Did you ask so what's new with you?

Anonymous said...

Anyone I would remember...?

count said...

that's a trip. I think you should ask some hard hitting questions and report back to us all here at your blog.