Sunday, October 28, 2007

House Guests

It always seems that it takes knowing that house guests will be arriving for us to get our butts in gear for all the projects we have going on (and by "we," I mean Scout):

1. Shave Lewis (He really is the strangest dog. He loves being shaved.)

2. Paint Upstairs Bathroom (which I totally jacked up by trying to put the curtain back up while the paint was still wet.)

3. Put Finishing Touches on 1st Spare (which I'll end up changing 42 times anyway. I hate where I have that picture thing hanging.)

4. Clear Out, Paint, and Decorate 2nd Spare (I love this room.)


Nicole said...

I love the second room! You have great style!! I'm looking for a new duvet cover and all of the typical places have such boring things...

Erin said...


My favorite place to buy bedding is Target. They always have the non-boring stuff (except, of course, when I'm actually in the market for it).

Only $19.95 said...

Your shit looks cool!

Can you come over and prime then paint my second bathroom? I tore the wallpaper down and haven't bothered painting. It's great. I love being lazy and doing a half-assed job. I'm so proud.

Erin said...

only $19.95,

Not a chance! I hate painting my OWN house!

Sarah said...

I like how you paired the brown duvet with the pink pillows. I never would've thought of that. I just have mine with other browns. But that's why your house looks like it does and why my house looks does :)