Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I love meeting bloggers. But I really loved meeting ABW.

She came over on Saturday to drop off some baby stuff (yay!), amidst the water heater catastrophe. As we stood there and talked, I thought, I cannot believe there is someone this fun (yet normal) standing on my doorstep.

I've been on this I Don't Want Any New Friends kick since I left Germany, so I've been hesitant to exchange numbers with anybody (besides the fact that I have an I Love Loony People tattoo on my forehead - all the crazy people want to be friends with me). But ABW. I can't wait to have her over to knit. (Oh yes, my friends. She knits.)

So anyway, she brought over a plethora of cloth diapers (my checkbook will forever thank her):

And something I never even knew existed (there is so much cool baby gear in the world!). I'm sure Tucker will love it:

And speaking of awesome bloggers, Scout and I get to hang out with Heidi on Saturday.


Heidi said...

Can't wait to see you Saturday . . . warm soup and great conversation!

ABW said...

Hmmm...I seem to have that same tattoo. It was great meeting you, and glad I didn't scare you off too much with my cloth diaper lesson, lol.

I found the support the troops diaper cover so I have it put aside for you too.

Let me know when you are ready to knit!

Anonymous said...

ABW is great. We've been friends since our pre-teen years and I assure you she is both fun and normal- as long you count using hand sanitizer six times between the bus stop and the subway ticket booth in NYC as normal :)


ABW said...

LOL P, don't forget the giant rat that caused me to be grossed out along with the fact that the subway is nasty! I still love NYC though...

Anonymous said...


seeing those cloth diapers brought back fond memories of having my first child (gary joseph - 1968) as a marine wife living in government housing on battleship road, daly city, calif.

enjoy these years -- they go by much quicker then you realize.

love aunt penny