Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cabled Tank Top

I haven't been in much of a mood for baby knitting lately. You'd think with a baby (and a niece or nephew) on the way, I'd be knitting baby things like crazy. But no, I've been knitting socks for me, headbands for me, and dreaming of knitting other things for me (I'm already a bad mother).

But the other day, inspiration struck. I'm working on this Debbie Bliss cabled tank top for Tucker:

I love (LOVE) cables, and this little man sweater is the cutest. Here's my work so far (the cables are hard to see in this picture - yet another reason I never take pictures of my projects):

I must say, knitting and depth perception go hand in hand. With my left eye out of commission, my depth perception is gone. Every time I go to knit a stitch, my right needle splits the yarn (not a good thing, for you non-knitters). But I can't help but push through it, knowing that Tucker will soon be wearing it.

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ABW said...

How's that eye now?

Cute sweater vest! I love them!