Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Aunt Sarah

I can't believe what Aunt Sarah did for Tucker. Unbelievable.


Anonymous said...

erin -- that is so touching -- remnds me of the hat and booties my grandma hereford (my mom's mom) knit before she died at 61 when i was only 9. never would have thought i would have it for my little gary (now 39). those are certainly moments to cherish. can't wait to see tucker in it. that sarah -- great friend.

aunt penny

ABW said...

I have a sock I want to throw away, where's Sarah's trashcan?

That's a great story and an unbelievable friend.

See ya tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

The sweater looks great!! I wanted to share a pattern co. w/ My mom started out test knitting for Bev & has now started creating patterns of her own. The penguins, squirrels & hedgehogs to name a few. Also if you look at the sock pictures, the walking away socks & the house socks have my feet in them!!!! There are alot of cute baby items as well. My girls have many of the mittens & hats. Now we have slippers & scarves!!
Glad you are getting settled w/Tucker. You will be a great mom!! Hang in there.
Lots of XOXOXO ~ Heather