Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Homestead Heritage

We went to the most wonderful place today.

Truly, if you are in or near Waco, this little excursion is fun and wholesome and lovely.

The weather was beautiful and the sweet smell of horse manure lingered in the air (call me strange, but I love that smell).

And I promise the people popped out of a book for the day. They wore hand made skirts and spent their time crafting dovetailed wall clocks! And made the best tomato bisque this girl could ever imagine eating. And they loved Tucker.

A 14 year-old, wise beyond her years (at least in regards to domestic matters) held Tucker the entire time we ate lunch. Standing up. And she had him sleeping in less than ten minutes (not an easy feat when he's gassy). I kept asking her if she was ok, and she kept telling me what an "outstanding" time she was having. It's good to hear a child use words like that, particularly when some of my most recent experiences with teenage vocabulary made me (ME!) blush. Her and I even discussed knitting. And she informed me that, yes, she knew how to knit, but she much preferred sewing. Ha! Love it.

Here's one of the buildings near the herb garden:

Tucker couldn't figure out why this rooster was making so much noise (as a side note, I promise this boy has more than one outfit. He just always seems to be wearing the same one when we decide to take pictures of him):

This sweet lady couldn't resist holding Tucker while I shopped for homemade hush puppy mix and apple pecan scone mix (she even fed him a bottle - I joked that I was going to leave him there for a while so we could finish walking around!):

And finally, I have to tell you, it took everything I had to avoid adopting some of this scrumptious yarn:


ABW said...

Since I couldn't find cheap tickets to NYC for spring break, I decided to check out things closer to home. I'm putting this on the list, I think the girls will love it!

Junior will be all about the food and Gunner won't be there to stop me from the yarn!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go there in just a couple of weeks. You are right. One would think Tucker has one outfit!!! Order nice weather now cuz this grandma is coming to town.
Love, Mom

Guard Wife said...

M1 was a gassy baby...good gravy those days were dark for me!

A couple of things I found that worked: 1) a vibrating bouncy chair, 2) not lying her flat until at least 30 min. after she ate and 3) infant massage. (and later, gas drops) If you can't find an infant massage class around, look on for a book and/or video. The babies LOVE it and they have special techniques for helping relieve those awful gassy bellies...I remember those high-pitched cries like it were yesterday! (shudders)