Monday, March 31, 2008


I'm amazed you guys still come here despite the fact that I've been a terrible blogger. Not only have I been neglecting my own keyboard, but I haven't even been reading your blogs, my dear friends. But I'm staying up late tonight, hoping that Tucker will stay asleep long enough for me to type to my heart's content.

I've been thinking about my friends (more than usual) in the last few days. Sarah, The Girl, and Kelly are who I would call my closest friends - the people who got me through my time at The Worst Duty Station in the World. I'm terrible at keeping in touch with them, but I think about them often and dream about the next time I get to see them. All three of them have qualities that, in some way or another, make me a better person - or at least make me desire to be.

But long distance friendship is rough. I've resisted making new friends for over a year now, for a variety of reasons: 1) The world is filled with crazy people. 2) I'm a little extreme in some of my world views, and I'm afraid of sending someone new into a premature stroke. 3) If I hear one more military wife complain about the "War for Oil" I'm afraid I will have to end their miserable existence with my favorite firearm (see number two).

So with the difficulties of long distance friendships and resistance to new ones, I'm amazed that I stumbled upon my friend, ABW. She's wonderful and funny and fierce. Best of all, she tolerates me.

In October, we'll be partnering up to be Muddy Buddies in Dallas. And then, we will be trying out for the Amazing Race. And then there's the Livestrong Challenge - among others, which she assures me, I will live through. We have mapped out a lot of things that will make us steamy and muscular and irresistable in the next year. Yesss.

Oh, and here's a quick picture of my boy. I'm so in love with him (just in case I hadn't made that clear):


Anonymous said...

Speaking of military wives and the war on oil - the one next door to me has a bumper sticker that says "9/11 was an inside job." I had to call Justin so he could talk me down before I keyed both sides of the car.

Oda Mae

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you blogged!!!! And a picture of handsome. Gosh I miss that boy!!!! Do I get Tucker when you do these wild and crazy things?? I'm so glad you have AWB to keep you sane....I mean crazy...well ok...a little bit of both. I'm getting the nursery ready!!!!

love, Mom aka Grandma Seattle

Gypsy at heart said...

Get a good week's sleep before you travel with ABW, you'll need it!
My goodness, baby has grown!
Have fun!

Vonn** said...

I feel the same way. I haven't made any new "real" friendships since leaving Germany. Oklahoma, was not a good experience for us and now I rarely get out of the house.

I am determined to take some crafting classes this weekend. I have to meet someone normal, RIGHT?

Tuker is sure to keep you busy. I'm on the other end of spectrum, trying to adjust to life with one child out of the house. I miss him sooooo much! But, I am so proud of him at the same time.

trying said...

i love this post! i havent really done the friend thing up here where we are very well. glad to see im not alone. i had such wonderful friends but alas, they have all pcs'ed out. i just find myself sticking to myself and my boys. really, it was so nice to read that someone else is like this too. maybe thats why im drawn to your blog!

im so glad that you have abw and such a little cutie!