Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I got to hang out with Gunner and ABW's Junior tonight. It was so much fun.

Isn't he freakin' cute? He was kind of watching Lilo and Stitch:

And good thing I was craving boxed mac and cheese the other day at the grocery store; that's what he had for dinner (place mat courtesy of Faith's mom, cute little kid friendly dishes courtesy of Grandma San Antonio. Note to self: mac and cheese, children, and linen upholstered dining chairs are not meant for each other):

And bath time was the best. (Although I was a bit freaked out: I've heard so many stories of women leaving their children for "just a second" and then the kid is drowning in two inches of water and the whole family is devastated and....No, I'm not paranoid or anything. So I sat in the bathroom the whole time he played in the water.) At one point I told him "Junior, sit on your bottom." In that moment, I discovered a new level of personal growth; I never thought of myself as the person who says "bottom". Anyway, he told me "NO!" So I replied in the toughest mommy voice I could muster, "Do it now". He looked at me sternly and, I kid you not, started growling at me. I did what any clueless adult would do: I growled back. We both started laughing hysterically. And then I said, "Seriously, dude. Sit on your bottom". That's right, folks. I refrained from using the word "ass". Twice. So he sat down in the tub, and the fear that he would slip, fall, crack his head open, and drown subsided.

And he was just too cute walking around the house like a miniature man in a towel:
I'm actually looking forward to this age with Tucker. They're so much fun.


Gunner said...

I hope Jr. did not destroy your house. He can be a little tornado at times. Thank you so much for watching him.

Gypsy at heart said...

We all know our own children / grandchildren are so wonderful, but it is sooo nice to have it reinforced.
Sweet little Tucker will be this age before you know it.
Orchids for you, Erin! You moved right into the competent care of TWO children with ne'er a hair out of place....

Anonymous said...

Good job Erin. Loved the growling!!! You moved your furniture around. You are your mother's daughter!! Love you, Mom

Mare said...

Hope you don't mind, but I'm so stealing that idea of all those beautiful balls of yarn on a big plate.

sharona said...

You suprised me, I totally thought "ass" was coming up in the story!
And seriously, when they do silly things like growl at you, the only logical response is to growl back!

Vypergirl said...

I am just wondering if that is a boy daughter never did that, but my son does that on occasion......hmmmmm

I had to laugh though, Junior is very cute!