Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Study Groups

If I had to pick the one thing that I hate most about formal education, my answer would be this: Study groups.

I'm a little antsy with my upcoming teacher certification, which I am completing online. ABW has asked me if I'll have study groups, to which I reply, "I sure as hell hope not" and then go into an explanation why I think it's unlikely that study groups will be used (that, my dears, is a little friend I like to call Denial).

When I was finishing up my degree, I had study groups in every single freakin' class. I would have dropped out had I known that fact before hand. If you've had even one bad study group experience, you know exactly what I'm talking about (particularly if you're like me: You are the one person in a group of four that actually takes a project seriously. While all three of the others are doing godknowswhat, you're creating, revising, and editing the project. And those assholes get the same 97% that you do, and then one of them has the nerve to tell you that the group would have gotten 100% had you done a better job.)

Well, I was perusing my pictures the other day, and the bad study group memories suddenly rushed to the surface of my thoughts. This girl was perhaps the worst study group member. Ever:

Lord help me if I have to deal with one more stupid study group.


airforcewife said...

OMG! Should I be laughing? I'm laughing pretty hard here...

I feel you about study groups. In fact, when I was teaching I used study groups as a punishment.

Vypergirl said...

I have to say that this picture speaks a thousand words! I hated study groups too!

sharona said...

so, I take it this was taken DURING a study group then? :)

Anonymous said...

I'd hit it.


Erin said...


No! This was the picture she uploaded to her classroom profile!


Thanks, as always, for the laugh. Join the club of a billion other men that would say the same thing (or at least think it). :)


Guard Wife said...

Study groups ARE a nightmare. I hate, hate, HATE working in groups whether it's in school or in real life. When I taught, I always wanted to poll the class to find out who "always" does all the work so I could put them in their own group.

Good luck.

Uploading a photo like that to a profile? Train wreck.

Anonymous said...

WTH? Her profile picture? I have no nice words about THAT monstrosity. I hope that your certification will be study group free!

Only $19.95 said...

Is that her ASS CRACK? And I LOLed about Dick, too. I'm sure that that passed through each dude's mind that has seen that pic!

Anonymous said...

And I'd still hit it. The woman too.


Erin, how's our guy doing?