Sunday, August 10, 2008

Seattle, Continued

While in Seattle, I got to see my Aunt Penny and Uncle Bruce. Bonus: They always cook me amazing food. This time it was cheese burgers, grilled (perfectly), of course. On a sunny Seattle day, there's nothing better.

My Uncle has a rooftop garden that was absolutely amazing. Really, who climbs up a ladder, builds a green house, and grows tasty vegetables on a roof? My Uncle does. And it was totally impressive:

And of course, my mom waited until I was imitating someone to snap a picture of me and my biggest fan:

They have a great backyard too, where my mom snapped this devilish picture of Tucker pulling my hair:

1 comment:

aunt penny said...

so great to see the picks and be reminded of what a great day we had. good luck with school and kiss tucker for us. frankie and oscar say hi.