Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Shirt Update

So I've finally finished the shirt I told y'all about. There are a couple of things I love about this pattern: 1) It's easy, and 2) It doesn't matter what size you are - you make the shirt to fit you (no ambiguous small, medium, large language).

I got a little out of control and kept messing with the shirt - ripping out seams, adding more shaping, etc. I finally had to stop and call it a day. And I still look at it and see flaws. There are a few things I will do for the next one (Oh, yes. There will be a next one). I will definitely do the arm divots (which said "optional". I was too impatient and skipped the step. Now I fear I will soon have deodorant stains). Also, I will do the shaping before I put the shirt together rather than after.

Enough boring details - here it is:

Recognize the fabric? I used the same stuff for the dog bed I made (which was made from a sheet I bought at a thrift store for three bucks).

What do you think?


The Mrs. said...

Thats adorable! I love it, very flattering. I always appreciate when the arm straps are big enough so you can actually wear a bra with it. Why dont more designers think of that?

What's the pattern info for it? I dont sew but my mother is amazing and I might have her make up a couple for me!

ABW said...

I love it!!!! It looks great, and I like the cut too. Is it time to start scouting out the shops in Carson?

Great job!

Meghan said...

I love it, you better come to washington with one for me!!

sharona said...

Super cute! (both you and the shirt!) I love the material, very fresh & summery!

Unknown said...

You are truly the female McGuyver!


Ellen said...

That turned out cute! I may just have to try one for myself.

Autumn said...

Absolutely awesome!!!! Looks great!