Monday, June 22, 2009

Trailer Update

So, Dutchgirl, I didn't talk Scout into the trailer I blogged about.

We went to look at it. I saw it for what it could be: Beautiful, clean, and useful.

Scout took one sniff and walked out. He saw it for what it was: Ugly, smelly, and gross. He looked at me like I was crazy and said, "You REALLY want that piece of SHIT? NO."

Scout never says no. Scout lets me be my crazy self and have these wild thoughts about buying trailers and living in them. But he wasn't havin' it this time.

So I introduced him to a substantially higher priced trailer - a 1971 31-foot Airstream Sovereign. We are in the process of buying it now. And I'm glad he stood his ground on Trailer Number One. Trailer Number Two is Suhweet.

I wish I could tell you I'd have pictures of it soon, but the internet is getting shut off tomorrow and we're moving in a few days. Gotta get all my blogging in today!


sharona said...

I hope you have as smooth as move as possible!
I can't wait to see pictures & hear of your adventures with the trailer/dogs/kid!

Abbey said...

This is a sweet trailer! I still can't believe you are all going to fit in the trailer, happily! I also can't wait to hear the stories and see the pictures. Good luck with the move!

dutchgirl said...

I LOVE IT! Let the adventure begin!! :)

ABW said...

Looks great!!! Can't wait to hear about the adventures of the silver bullet!