Monday, August 31, 2009

The Biggest Douche Bags Work at The Hilton

I'm going to try and make this short.

Scout and I are going to Chicago for the long weekend to see my grandparents (on my stepdad's side). However, before we drive to the tiny town of Sandwich, Illinois, we'll be staying in a hotel for two nights.

Hotels in Chicago are ridiculously expensive. A one-star rated Days Inn with terrible customer reviews is $93 per night. No thank you.

I called the Hilton because 1) It's in the airport; we fly in at almost one in the morning. I don't want to do any more traveling (shuttle bus/taxi/hitch hiking, etc) with a sleepy baby once I'm off the plane. 2) If I'm going to spend almost a hundred bucks for a hotel with rats and mold, why not upgrade to something that has a generally good reputation?

When I got a quote online at The Hilton, two nights came to $298. Normally that would make me ill, but after seeing the pieces of crap hotels for $250, the sticker shock wasn't as bad as I would have expected.

So I called to see if they offered military discounts. Santeesia (I'm totally guessing on the spelling of THAT name!) told me yes. Yay for discounts!

Okay. Ready for this? 

Price before military discount: $298. 
Price after military discount: $436.
Asking to speak to a manager: Pointless.

After being transferred twelve times, the phone was answered by yet another non-manager, but he wanted to see if he could help. 

I pointed out that a discount isn't a discount unless it's less than the regular rate!

"Yes, I understand that ma'am," he said, "but the finance office comes up with the rates based on information I'm not privy to".

I smartly replied that I always appreciate military discounts, but that asking a service member to pay more, regardless of who comes up with the rates, is a slap in the face rather than a benefit.

He offered to take twelve dollars off of the first night as a first-time courtesy. I looked over at my husband and said, "Hey babe! All your hard work has paid off! You've saved us $12! Hooah!" 

He raised his fist in victory and said, "Just book the room, babe."

The guy was completely irritated with me by the end of the call, which was never my intention. But really? He was a douche. And so are the finance guys at The Hilton who are privy to the information that determines "military" rates.


Uncle Dan said...

Try this site....$109 looks like the best per night.

Uncle Dan said...

Forgot the enclosure, sorry!