Saturday, November 14, 2009

Trying Not to Dwell

I'm still reeling from what happened this week. But I'm trying to get over it.

I started looking at pictures of the weekend we had in Buena Vista not too long ago - we had such a good time. But it's funny how the more fun we have, the less pictures we have to show for it. At any rate, here's what I have.

This was the view from our room. For real:

Me being dramatic after a two-hour horseback ride:

Scout will kill me for this one - he fell asleep in his hunting boots and pajamas (such a sexy combination):

And my cutie in his snow suit - he wasn't fond of the snow on his hands:

We stayed at the Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort and it was amazing. We actually sat in the natural hot springs which were super (super) hot. And the wildlife was unreal; I've never seen so many Mule Deer in such a short period of time (and so close!).


ABW said...

You'll have to give me the heads up on Buena Vista since we are going there for a week at Christmas with my entire family. It should be interesting!

Uncle Dan said...

ABW's Maternal Grandfather was born and cowboy'd in Nathrope until he left home at 18 and the mover to CA.

Uncle Dan said...

Oops, that's PATERNAL!