Tuesday, April 06, 2010


So much for my clean language goal.

We have a local farm nearby that we pass frequently, whether on our way to work or the store.

A couple months ago, I noticed two little cuties on the property:

On my way home from work, I always looked forward to the part of my drive that I got to see the pigs. I would come home and tell Scout what they were up to that day like they were my kids.

Shortly thereafter, Scout would come home and ask, "Did you see the pigs today?", or say, "I saw the pigs today; they were laying in the sun."

When we were driving together, we'd squint our eyes over to the big field and see who could spot them first. It was the farm version of I Spy.

Saturday evening as we were heading to the movies, the pigs were nowhere to be found. We shrugged it off and listed off some reasons they might not be there. Like, maybe they're sleeping. Or maybe they got moved to another piece of the property.

We didn't find out until today that they were attacked. By humans. Twice. (Don't worry, Meg. They survived both attacks.)

I know it must sound silly, but I feel a little bit invested in these pigs. My immediate response was to offer to pull security with my Remington 870.

What kind of person does this shit?


dutchgirl (Ellen) said...

Not silly at all. I read that today, too. We went to the farm with the dutchkid's preschool class this past fall to get a pumpkin and got to see the piglets :( It just makes me sick that someone would target innocent animals like that. And on top of it, that the farm has given so much to this community over the years, I mean WTF?! Shooting the bastards would be too kind.

Heidi said...

Nice . . . my dad and I always say there is a very special place in hell for people who abuse animals. You should go meet the owners . . .

Alexis said...

That is horrible that soeone did this! Poor cutie pigs! I would want to protect them too!