Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Creepiest Aisle at Walmart is Definitely:

The doll aisle.

There is a doll that will crawl as you walk past her, one that says prayers in Spanish, and numerous dolls that wiggle and coo like puppies. I don't envy those of you with girls (ok, I do. Just not the doll part).

We were in the doll aisle for one reason: We've decide to give the Dr. Phil potty training method a try. A doll that wets herself is suggested (along with noise makers and party hats).

I was very discouraged by the fact that this baby has breasts. Seriously? Do you see her knockers? (Gross!) I wasn't particularly happy with the selection of party hats, either.

This is the kind of silly crap moms do for the love of their children. And for the sake of potty training.


surgpa said...

I still remember you going thru potty training. You were a handful in that too!

sharona said...

it's supposed to be a chubby baby with rolls of baby fat! :)
So how is it going? I've heard boys are harder to potty train than girls....