Sunday, April 09, 2006


So I got my wisdom teeth out on Friday. It was bad. I'm a total pansy when it comes to stuff like that. The dentist probably thought I should be locked up in a loony bin...I started having a full-blown panic attack after he numbed the left side of my face. Seriously, I thought I'd had panic attacks before, but after this little episode, I think everything else was just plain ol' anxiety. My legs felt like water balloons (sorry for that analogy again, Sarah and Kelly...I know you've heard it a million times), my heart was racing, I felt like I was going to throw up, and my eyes started watering uncontrollably. The dentist was really nice though...He patiently waited while I freaked out. The right side of my face never really got all that numb, even though he gave me five different injections (compared to ONE injection on the left side). So when he went to suture me up on the right side, I could feel the needle coming through the inner part of my gum, and then puncture my tongue. I yelped, and he said, "Oh, I guess you really weren't numb!"

So now my face is swollen, the percocet makes me sleepy, and the pain makes me cranky. I'll betchya fifty bucks my husband had a lousy weekend.

(And to all my lovely commenters...I feel so sleepy that I'm not commenting back to you right now...maybe later...but I still love you guys)


aunt penny said...

erin -- made me remember whan i had an abcess in one of my front teeth and they did a root canal. the novacaine never took so i felt it all. this was right after having my first child and i swear i would have gone through that over again instead.

uncle bruce just had a biopsy on his tongue and he said the shot was awful. don't know the outcome yet.

praying for your speedy recovery

nicole said...

I'm trying to remember having my wisdom teeth extracted...I was only 15 and had to have them taken early because they were impacted. I remember having to change my gauze dressing (yum, yum) and that my face was really swollen...But I'm with you...I think the worst part of ANY dental work is that needle that looks a foot long as it's coming into your mouth! Ugh...get better soon :) :)

Pericles said...

Don't eat anything crunchy for a long, long time.