Sunday, April 09, 2006


Man, would I hate to be this 911 operator right now (or the kid for that matter).


Sarah said...

My brother did this when we were kids, but he actually was playing on the phone. We were playing "cops and robbers", and he picked up the phone, dialed 0, and said, "The robbers are here!" A short while later, a police car showed up at the house. My mom was out front mowing the lawn and had no idea what was going on. And we learned not to play on the phone that day.

I can't imagine being that 911 operator. We drill 9-1-1 into kids' heads, so why wouldn't they think that a kid might use it? I even read once that British kids don't know their own emergency number because they've seen too many American TV shows with 911 in them.

Vonn** said...

Apparently it was two different 911 operators, 3 hours apart. Both of them should be fired. We teach our children to call in an emergency only to find them not taken seriously.

The little boy was on GMA this morning and he said "I just want my Mom". Which one of the operators will explain why his Mommy is not coming back.