Friday, April 07, 2006

Update to Vera Bradley

Um, yeah. So I misunderstood. I get BOTH bags for free. No shipping, no cost (NO COST?). Dang. I'm stoked. Seriously, women of the world. When you need a cute, functional purse, go to Vera Bradley.

Anyway, I've been answering emails and looking at knitting sites for the last hour...I need to bathe before I get my wisdom teeth taken out this morning. I'm super nervous. I've been avoiding this day for at least five years. Pictures to follow.


Cindy said...

Didn't know you were getting your wisdoms pulled. Poor baby. Mark better take good care of you.

By the way....I have forgiven myself for Sonic's death (the hedgehog)but you just won't let me forget it!!!! Now I'm going to be known as the hedgehog killing mom in the blog world. Thanks Erin. I'll have a hard time getting over this one. (lol)

The Girl said...

Have your husband go to the store to buy a few bags of frozen corn. They work out perfectly to ice your face. I would have been in a tremendous amount of pain if I hadn't had mine.

I know it sounds funny, but trust me on this!