Sunday, June 18, 2006

I Want It

There's been this old bank I've been eyeing for about a year now.

I seriously can't get it out of my mind. I dream of it being a great yarn store, or a coffee shop (although one already exists in this town of 2,000 people). I keep trying to figure out a way to work it out, although buying property from Germany is close to impossible. But I think I've talked Scout into looking at it on our drive from Washington to Texas.

Business opportunities in Smith Center may be slim, but at the very least I want to own and restore this Smallville-esque building - I obviously have a weakness for old things in need of a little love.


Vonn** said...

That would make the most awesome house. What about setting up a store or cafe that specializes in coffee, but with gourmet food like the PB & J craze. Add the knitting and possibly quilting and you may have your niche.

Anything is possible.

Nancy said...

Oooh, I love it. That is something I'd like to do when we retire. Jack wants a house on a lake. I want a house/old building in a small town near a lake! Not sure who will win out! I'd love to do something lie Yvonne suggested. That would be awesome.

Pericles said...

This is a really cool looking building. It sounds like it needs just a tremendnous amount of work, though. Unless you have a way to get the work done very cheaply, it may not make sense.

What is it with you and Sarah and your attraction to small towns in KS? She wants to settle in Hayes and you want to be in Smith Center? I'm from KS, and I had to get out a map to see where Smith Center is.