Sunday, June 11, 2006

Knitting Again

I got some great yarn in Amberg yesterday:

What can I say? Self-striping sock yarn just makes me smile:


Cindy said...

Teach me to knit when you get home!!!!! I want to make scarves!! I see us now enjoying the tranquility at the cabin, sipping wine and knitting.

Sarah said...

The one thing I haven't been able to find here is sock yarn -- make sure you stock up on it before you move!!!!

The Girl said...

At the moment, my new sock yarn makes me want to throw things :)

I'm having Issues. What can I say?

cabincuz said...

You & your mom have to make sure I know when you're going to be at the cabin for that knitting & wine. We'll have to go on one of the wine tours here also!!!!
(And you'll have to check out the patterns my mom has designed for a company!!!)
Lots of love, can't wait to see you!

JustMeD said...

Hi, I'm a soldier's wife living in Graf, and wondering where I can buy some yarn - I see you bought yours in Amberg. Can you tell me where? Thanks!!

You can email me at