Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm Pissed

Ok, so if you thought I was beating a dead horse before, I've only just begun.

You might not believe what the MP (SGT Washerman? Washington? Washburn? I might actually know his name if he spoke clearly) said to me on the phone just now.

I've given the MPs a couple of days of rest - it doesn't change the fact that the dog has still been tied up. But today, I've just had enough. I called again and asked the same MP who I could talk to that would actually enforce the policy. He told me to go to my area/building coordinator. Funny thing, seeing as we don't have one because everyone is gone (besides the Strykers. I don't even have time to go there).

He also told me that the owners swore up and down that they were in the kitchen at all times looking out the back window to make sure he was ok. Yeah, and Courtney Love has never done drugs. Freakin' idiots.

He essentially told me that he can do nothing - and gave me the "please don't call back" type of attitude. He also said that he has a lab mix, and he ties it up in the yard without supervising it. I was in shock, and just hung up. Only after I did so did I think of the tongue-lashing that I should have given him.

My dear Scout grabbed the phone and called him back. It takes a lot for him to get angry - and I think seeing the continual frustration on my face put him over the edge. He did a much better job at getting this douche to hand over a name, but it didn't change the outcome. Scout then got the number for the Executive Officer of US Army Grafenwoehr. Naturally we can't call until tomorrow because business hours are over.

If you all have any other suggestions, please tell me. I've been putting off calling Housing, but I'm obviously going to need to do that tomorrow. You know, I hate to say it, but it's not even about that poor dog anymore - it's about the MPs getting off their lazy asses and doing what they're meant to do. And seriously (imagine me saying this in my high-pitched, extremely frustrated voice), what in the HELL is the point of having these rent-a-cops if they're not doing anything? We might as well run around with no accountability whatsoever!

Hell, maybe I'll get really stoned, take my clothes off, buy a realistic looking toy gun, and streak through their office threatening to take names and kick ass. I guarantee they would find a policy to enforce then. Hmm...That actually sounds like a really good idea. I'm a freakin' genius.


Anonymous said...

This may not be your favorite idea but you could try bribing them with cookies or cake. If you're still interested in the well being of the dog..
If not, then keep calling.

LU Tim

Patti said...

Unfortunately, as we all know, there are stupid pet owners everywhere. I wanted to let you know you are not alone. As I was driving my daughter to theater rehearsal at noon, it was raining so hard that I had to keep the wipers on high and still could barely see. It was then my daughter said "Mommy, there is a dog tied to a tree in this pouring rain." I couldn't stop then so on the way back, I checked it out (rain had stopped for a little while). Yep, a big, gorgeous, siberian husky type dog tied with rope to a coconut tree ~ no shelter and no water bowl. First off, rain or shine that dog needs to be inside during the heat of the day. With its coat,it could easily die of heat stroke. I called the security forces and the man on the phone was very nice but I got the feeling they already knew about the dog. So I walked back to the house (about a 10 minute walk from my house)and the security people were already there. Positive sign! Let's hope I don't run into the same situation, like yours,where the owners are too dense to change. I will be keeping a close eye now on this particular dog.

BTW, what's with cookies and cake comment? Since when should we have to bribe someone to be humane to their animals? If you own a pet, you should at least be responsible for the basic care of that pet. If not, you shouldn't have a pet.

Jennifer said...

The Provost Marshall is MAJ Bob Ray. He lives on my street, so come on by or call and we can give him a visit. I'm assuming he is the head MP of our community.

Erin said...


According to the desk SGT, Major Ray is the one that said they couldn't do anything about it. I'm curious if he really said that, or if the desk SGT was just trying to get me off his back...

Anonymous said...

BTW Patti, I meant bribe the lazy MP's not the owners, I won't say what about them...

Stephanie said...

um...mean of me to say but Major Ray probably did say that. Not necessarily the most effective PM ever!

BTW...I lived down the street from Sarah in Vilseck.