Thursday, July 13, 2006


First of all, thank you to all who commented in my last post for all of your encouragement. I always get so self-conscious when there's a possibility of stepping on toes - and all of you helped me to get over that.

I called the vet clinic per Patti's suggestion, and ten minutes later had a copy of Policy Letter #21 (the newest version of the family housing policies). The policy explicitly backs up what I thought to be true - that this pet isn't being treated fairly.

In Section 27: Pet Ownership Responsibilities, here's what it has to say:

- All pets, when outside of quarters, must be accompanied by an individual capable of controlling them.

- Pets will not be tied, unattended, to any outside structure, permanent or otherwise (something is wrong with this sentence, but you get the point).

So when I got home from work today, the dog was outside again. I called the MPs and talked to the same sergeant - he is sending someone over right now. He was really nice, and said that the night I called, he had patrols going over every twenty minutes to make sure the dog was inside. I will be calling back later to see what happened.


sharona said...

It's SUPER ERIN! Protector of critters big & small! You get a gold star for the day! What a lucky dog to have you for a neighbor.

Sarah said...

Well done -- keep us posted.

Vonn** said...

Persistence Pays! Good job!

Anonymous said...

But darn where is the video clip!?!? LOL

Patti said...

That lucky dog has a new best friend ~ keep raging!