Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I can't sleep.

I've been doing really well lately with actually going to bed before the sun comes up. Kelly and I have been walking every morning at 6:30, so I've had to actually force myself to get on some kind of schedule. In fact, last night I went to bed at eight because I was tired, and woke up at 4:30 this morning because I wasn't.

However, something is weighing on my mind that I know a lot of people can't understand. Well, maybe they can understand it, but it doesn't eat them up like it does me.

There is a dog chained up outside - and has been for the last few days. This dog is fairly young - I'm guessing maybe a year old or so. The chain he is on is about four feet long. The weather has been extremely hot for the last few weeks - too hot for me to stay outside for more than five minutes. He has one of those automatic feeding devices outside - filled to the top (which is a sign to me that he's meant to be outside, that the owners can't even bother with feeding him once or twice a day, maybe patting him on the head or saying "good boy" as they do so). I can't say whether he has water or not; I'm sure he does, but I couldn't pinpoint a dish specified for that purpose. At any rate, no dog should be tied up in this heat (and I have yet to find a good enough reason for anyone to ever tie up a dog).

I've done what I can do for now. I've called the MPs - once to report it (it's against post policy to chain up a dog), and the second time to see what came of it. The desk sergeant told me that they went to the house and were told by the owners that the dog came in at night and during the day (which supposedly leaves only the evenings that he is outside). All I could say was, "They are freaking lying!"

I also told him about my walking routine, and that I would be up early. I told him that if the dog was still out there at 6am, I would be calling them back. He encouraged me to do so, although I'm sure he was thinking, Who's this freakin' crazy pet lady? Get a life!

I sincerely hope that I'm wrong, and that the dog does in fact have a cushy place to sleep in the house. However, I have a suspicion that the dog will still be outside, waking up to the wet grass and crisp air. It kills me. Or maybe it kills me more that he could live with people that actually want him. Can you imagine spending your days with no interaction of any kind, not able to escape the heat (or any of the elements for that matter)?

So I'm heading back upstairs to count sheep. I just don't know how to force out of my mind that this silly dog is being neglected.



Cindy said...

I know what you mean Erin. It makes me mad too. I see outdoor kennels all the time and wonder if the owners ever give them the time of day. Some look so lonely and neglected. I'd like to chain or lock them up. People don't treat their kids much better sometimes. I was in Walmart yesterday and this little girl, maybe about 1 year old was just beside herself in the cart. The mother (in Army uniform) just ignored her. You could hear this child all through the store. The poor thing had probably been in daycare all day and just wanted to be loved. It really ticks me off. Try not to loose too much sleep. There's too much out there to worry about. Just do what you can like you are doing. Loving you, Mom

Vonn** said...

You know I'm a big ol' scardey cat when it comes to dogs, but I had the neighbor from Hell in Vilseck. She left her poor puppy chained outside day after day and the poor guy just barked for attention.
One day I came home from work and he had hung himself over the crappy fence they had put up. James and Jennifer M. took him down and we called the MPs (for the umpteenth time), who took the dog away, when we explained what happened.

I would just annoying the MPs until they do something. Animals don't deserve to be discarded.

So I say, "Go ahead, crazy pet lady!".

Patti said...

Erin ~ I don't know you but I check your site through Heidi's blog since I use to live in Graf/Vilseck. I'm sorry you have to endure seeing this poor dog being treated so badly. Makes me sick the way some people treat their pets ~ there should be a "I'm not a complete moron" test before people can have kids or pets.

I hope you will become the squeaky wheel and keep trying to help this pup. You may be its only hope. If you're not satisfied with the desk clerk at the MP station, start going up the chain of command. The pet policy for post not only states "no chaining" it also states dogs have to have shelter from the elements and water at all times. Have you called the vet clinic to see if they have any ideas on how to handle the situation? Good luck! I'm rooting for you and the dog.

Sarah said...

Poor Erin, I know how this must kill you. I agree that you should keep hounding the MPs, but maybe a simple temporary fix could also be that whenever you have time during the day you could go over for a minute and pet the dog yourself? At least so he gets SOME attention? Maybe that would make you feel a little bit better in the short run?

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Anonymous said...

I know the crazy neighbor Vonn is talking about...don't let this happen to another dog.

Nicole said...

I always wonder why people who obviously don't want to take care of an animal choose to get one. I guess they don't understand that adopting a pet is a decision to take responsibility for the animal and for its welfare...of course, like Patti pointed out,...no test exists for potential parents/pet owners.

AlliCadem said...

Call Housing. Call the First Sergeant. Don't give up!