Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I will never forget when America was changed by terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001.

I was sleeping peacefully at my mom's house when she came into my room and hurriedly turned on the news and sternly told me to wake up. It didn't take long for my mood to turn from irritation to absolute rage as I watched the second plane crash into the World Trade Center.

I was glued to the television for hours that day. I couldn't get up; I was slowly realizing that this event would change my life forever.

Later that evening, I went to church. Later that month, I went to my local Army recruiter. I didn't know what I could do to make these monsters pay for what they did, but I knew I might get the chance as a United States soldier. But before my next appointment to sign papers at the recruiter's office, I started falling in love with Scout. I decided to support him in his career as a soldier rather than start my own.

So yesterday, I remembered September 11th, 2001. Although it was impossible for me to access the Internet in order to write this tribute, I took time to reflect on that horrific day.

More specifically, I remembered Garo H. Voskerijian, a man who was killed in the World Trade Center on the day of the attacks:

Garo met his wife, Nayda, in 1985. He was introduced to her by his mother, who spotted her at a party. Garo and Nayda had three children, who were 12, 8, and 6 at the time Garo was killed. Garo was 43.

Friends described his marriage and family life as ideal, and described him as someone employees enjoyed working for. He was kind, uplifting, and happy. He played the role of Santa Claus every year at his childrens' school. One former co-worker described him as the "salt of the earth."

Reading one of his tributes really allowed me to see that Garo was a great man - someone I would have liked to know.

So today, Garo, I remember you. I honor your memory. I acknowledge the devastation your surviving family and friends must have felt on September 11th, 2001 - and the sadness I'm sure they still feel today.

May they find peace in the comfort of your memory.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you dear, & Scout too! I can't express what this all has made me feel from the devastation to the sacrifice to those who serve. I love you..

U. Tim