Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I know I promised pictures of the new addition to our family, but I haven't had the patience to figure out our new camera (plus the fact that I can't find the USB cord for it). So, no pictures for now.

After braving the ER on Sunday, Scout decided that he wanted to go to the Humane Society. Now, I'm never in objection of visiting or rescuing unwanted dogs, but Scout has always been a little hesitant to allow our pack of canines to continue growing. Well, apparently he got a wild hair and decided he needed a new dog (in addition to the three that we have and the new cat we just adopted last month).

Still convinced that Scout was playing an April Fools joke on me, I helped him pick out a beautiful female weimereiner. We walked her, talked to her, and started thinking that maybe this was the dog we would take home. We put her pack in her kennel, promising her we'd be back in a few minutes. When we went to the front office to do the paperwork, the lady who worked there told us we couldn't have her because she was heart worm positive - we'd have to wait about two months to pick her up. I didn't have the heart to go back in and say goodbye to her. She really didn't want to go back in that kennel.

Our disappointment was suddenly distracted by four pitbull-mixed puppies. Scout has recently started talking about pitbulls because they are so beautiful and naturally strong. I told him that this particular breed typically has too much baggage for me to deal with (especially with other animals in the house), and if he wanted one, it would be a puppy or a female - and it would be rescued, not purchased by a breeder or at a pet store.

The story of the puppies (and the mother) was disturbing, although I have to say not as disturbing as some I've heard. Have I said before how much it outrages me that people can be so cruel?

Anyway, we picked out a white pup with a blond eye patch, brought her home, and named her Daisy. She really is quite cute, although I told Scout I would never have puppies again. Ever. That lasted a little over a year.

Daisy now as a pink leather collar with spikes (in full pitbull style, of course).

So now I'm going to take the opportunity to make a plea. First, what I'm about to say might make those of you that have purchased a purebred dog feel like I'm targeting you - I'm not. Dogs are bred for certain characteristics, and I can certainly respect wanting a particular breed because of personality, demeanor, or physical attributes. Having said that, if you are thinking about getting a dog, please visit your local pound or Humane Society first. They have all types of breeds, as well as mixed breeds for those that may not care. Like I mentioned, we saw a weimereiner, pitbulls, blue heelers, dachshunds, saint bernards, labradors, etc. Not only can you get a dog (or a cat) that is purebred, you can fix what the animal's previous owner fucked up, and you don't have to pay 17 million dollars for him or her either.

Just in this particular Humane Society alone, there are about 90 unwanted dogs, and about the same number of cats. Imagine how many unwanted animals there are around the country. If I could rescue them all, I seriously would. But in the real world (where I sometimes live), I can't bring all unwanted pets home. So I need your help. Just consider it next time you want a pet.


Nicole said...

Yeah I had the same dilemma when I got Lucy. I got her from a Golden breeder in Atlanta but I had visited PAWS (rescue society) and the humane society first. The only thing that worried me about the dogs at these places was that 1) most of them had been abused and I wasn't sure that I, being a first-time dog owner, could handle that and 2) they still wanted $200 to adopt one. That's crazy, huh? So anyway...yes, I agree with you, especially if you're an experience dog owner. :)

Sarah said...

How dare you disrespect my $500 nightmare of a dog!

Just kidding.

But if we had gotten Charlie for free, we wouldn't be able to hold it over his head every time he did something stupid. We might just toss him out the window if we didn't stop and think about all that cash we paid up front.

My next dog will be half-dead though...maybe a nice retired greyhound or a stuffed animal that looks like a dog.

Anonymous said...

nicole is right!
we saw this cute italien greyhound...but it cost $250 to adopt!

Erin said...

Well, it sounds like adoption is more expensive in other areas than it is here. However, you have to think that paying a breeder $500 just goes in his or her pocket; paying $250 to a rescue organization goes to helping more unwanted/abused/neglected animals. It still sounds steep to me though....

And Sarah...that was the best $500 you could have spent - if only for all the laughs and cute pictures your "nightmare" has produced.

And please remember to leave your name when you comment anonymously so I don't think you are Stalker Boy. :)

Patti said...

Great post! I couldn't agree with you more. As my two shelter dogs sleep at my feet, I couldn't be happier with my choice to adopt them from a shelter.

I've volunteered at shelters as well and some of the medical care can really add up. $200.00 does seem high but I'm pretty sure none of these shelters are making money on the deal!

The only thing I would add would be that everyone please spay or neuter your pet!

AlliCadem said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Erin. In fact, my pure bred Old English Sheepdog is from the PAWS shelter. We got Rodney for $100. He's the most beautiful dog that I have ever seen and puts to shame the ones that I have seen on the TV. (Just watched Westminster the past couple nights)

Anyhow, I would never, EVER buy a dog from a breeder. One of my friends wanted to get a yellow lab and I begged her to look into PAWS -- especially for the reason that there are ALWAYS pure-breds there.... She said that she saw dogs that she liked but that they all had (and I had a hearty laugh over this, BTW) "house-breaking and chewing issues." It's a puppy, asshole. Anyhow, she ended up buying a yellow lab from a breeder, and I almost quit our friendship! I was so angry! Then.... A few months later?

I wonder who has chewing issues?

Anyhow, I go to the pound regularly to see if there's anyone there that would *fit* into my pack.... And I usually leave heartbroken for the same reasons that I go there in the first place.... Feeling that ache over the tons of unwanted furry friends.... And wanting to save them all, too.

I consider myself lucky enough to have my wits about me and not adopt 75 dogs and 50 cats - we have just one of each -- the cat was from PAWS, too....

Did you see by chance the Pedigree commercials for the pound dogs?


Holy sadness, Batman. I had to turn the channel because I was bawling so bad! Even as I type this I am tearing up!! Yes, I am retarded.