Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ceiling Fan

Texas Couple Dies in Freak Accident. Cause of Death: Decapitation

You would have seen this headline in tomorrow's paper had we not dodged the ricocheting ceiling fan this morning at 0730. Luckily, we were both awake (still in bed, but awake). Out of the blue, a blade from the ceiling fan flung off and flew across the room. The fan (which was still on), started wobbling violently as if to warn us that the rest of it was coming for us. I scrambled out of bed to flip the switch off.

The blade didn't somehow wriggle loose, it broke straight off. I don't know why or how, but it's true. It gave us an excuse to replace the hideous thing (all of them in our house will eventually need replacing; they are all white with that "gold" accent hardware. And none of them were taped off when the people before us decided to put popcorn ceilings up. So they are white, with white chunks):

I always find that when it comes to replacing or fixing ACs and ceiling fans (well, anything that is meant to maintain cool temperatures), I'm totally amazed. I grew up in the Northwest, where maintaining cool indoor temperatures was almost never necessary. When the guy at Home Depot asked us if we wanted a remote for our fan, I looked at him with wonder and said, "They make remotes for fans?" He looked at me like what planet did this idiot come from?

Whatever. We have a new ceiling fan. And it's beautiful. And Scout and I aren't decapitated.


Sarah said...

Holy crap, dude.
Be careful, you know, just being.
Texas is dangerous :)

Anonymous said...

It's always nice to not get your head chopped off by a ceiling fan.
Send the good Sergeant my best wishes.

Don B

Anonymous said...

It's too bad you couldn't tell the crowd the whole story like you told me. Hee Hee. xxoo Mom

Mark said...

Okay, Erin, I wanna here the WHOLE story!!!