Sunday, October 07, 2007

TA-50 is Annoying

So, my professional life has taken a turn for the better. I started substitute teaching a few weeks ago, which so far has been amazing. I spent my first two days in "Developmental Learning", which most of us have always known as Special Ed.

When my third assignment came, I had no idea what was in store for me. I listened to the job announcement (they have it automated over the phone these days), accepted it, and showed up for work. I was a little surprised when I was welcomed by a metal detector and teachers performing searches of the students as they arrived. I also noticed the Ruger that a security officer proudly displayed on his right hip. Oh, so it's an "alternative" high school. Niice.

Well, I've been there for three full weeks, and I love it. The teacher that I was subbing for apparently has no intention of coming back, so I've unofficially been asked to stay until they find someone certified (and willing) to teach English and P.E. to children who pretty much hate every authority figure in the world.

I've been threatened, cussed out, and totally defied. But I can't help but get out of bed every morning thinking that I might make a difference to just one child. I love it (and 0700-1430, Monday through Friday can't be beat either).

So now I'm thinking that getting certified may be a good idea. However, I just found out that the application deadline is Tuesday. There's no way I can get everything in by then (especially considering that the last time I requested official transcripts, it took more than a month to receive them). I'm still researching the house flipping thing, but at least I've finally found something that makes me happy as a daytime job.

And yeah. Try to google "Organizing TA-50". Not only are there ZERO results, the phrase may be an oxymoron. Scout has four duffel bags, two Rubbermaid bins, and countless drawers for all this crap the Army issues him (anyone that says the Army doesn't provide proper gear for these guys is welcome to come see my garage). Today, when we moved a bed from one room to another (in order to paint), Scout said, "Babe, don't be mad when you see what is under here." I should have taken a picture of what almost gave me a coronary. MORE TA-50.

I think it's quite possible that I will become rich off of a TA-50 organization system.


Anonymous said...

Yep, remember it well.

Don B

Anonymous said...

Those are my work hours and they are the best. Well, I like the 2:30 part better than 7:00 but oh well. ;-) I'm glad to hear you're enjoying subbing!


wendy said...

I love your comment about the army not providing enough equiment - hilarious! My husband is Air Force deploying with the Army and for some reason BOTH services are giving him newer and better equipment. He is such a closet hog...

My mom worked in an alternitive high school for years. She loved it.

sharona said...

Wow, sound exciting! I'm glad you've found something you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Yep, gotta love the Army I've got three Seabags of no need and one of need gear and more body armor than half most of the team. Love ya sis looking forward to the letters.

Your bro,